Kida Lin

I am a moral and political philosopher at Oxford. I work on the normative issues raised by international conflicts.

Currently, I am a non-stipendiary lecturer at Lincoln College and Lady Margaret Hall. I am also a DPhil candidate at Corpus Christi College. For the DPhil, I work with Jeff McMahan and Alex Kaiserman.

I teach a range of papers in moral and political philosophy. In Michaelmas Term 2023, I am giving tutorials in Ethics and Practical Ethics. I have also taught the prelim Theory of Politics and the prelim Moral Philosophy.

Previously, I did a BPhil at Oxford, a BA (Hons) at the Australian National University, and a BA at the University of Sydney. I worked with Jeff McMahan for the BPhil, and Seth Lazar for the BA (Hons). In Hilary Term 2023, I was an academic visitor at Warwick, where I worked with Victor Tadros and Patrick Tomlin.

I am a co-editor for the public philosophy section at PEA Soup.

You can reach me at